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Angels 22 Mystical Paths is based upon the anonymous journal of a mystic.
In 1972 I visited a country house auction which included in it’s inventory
a library of books. There I found a hand written diary or journal dated 1927.
The book is a handwritten diary of a mystic. It tells the story of a tremendous
mystical vision that shattered the authors consciousness and his subsequent
attempt to understand the experience. The journal describes 22 mystical paths
that the author experiences on his quest to recapture his vision and reveals
the ancient origins of these paths.

ANGELS 22 MYSTICAL PATHS is my attempt to interpret the journal.
I call the author "Angel", but maybe "Angel" refers to the spirit that guides him
on his journey, for that is the first of the paths: the appearance of this spirit.

The sequence of events he describes is preordained. They are the same sequence
of events that all mystic adventures take.

1. A massive, life-altering experience;

2. The appearance of a guide who leads the aspirant
 into a world of wonder;

3. The return to the world to spread the great news,
 the silence of the world; and

4. The marriage of the two worlds. The resolve.

It is the structure of the journal that enraptured me. It isn't just a personal
story of the experience of mystical radiance. It is the fact that all these
experiences fall into a grand design of ancient mystical thought. The images of
the journal mirror the images of Tarot cards, and these in turn fall onto the
structure of the Kabbalah. To delve into the diary the reader begins his or her
own mystic journey, discovering the deepest and most profound of esoteric mysteries.

The journal says nothing about belief in a personal god, an afterlife, or the concept
of heaven. Its message focuses on the here and now. It states that there is a
magnificent reality around us all, available to us all, yet the human mind is saved,
shut off, by veil of protection that hides too astonishing a reality.